Blackberry® 7290 Unlocking Instructions

(To be used once you have received your unlock code)

How to enter Unlock Code on the Blackberry® 7290

***** You must have a SIM card in your phone to complete these steps ( Can be active or inactive ) *****

  1. Select Options menu on BB. 
  2. Now you select SIM CARD menu. To be able to see this you have to type this on the keypad on phone : (TEXT WILL NOT APPEAR ON THE SCREEN until you enter the unlock code) 
  3. Type 'MEPD' for all models except 7100 in which case in case use 'MEPPD'. 
  4. Usually u should see "active" NET lock. Now in order to disable this lock type 'MEP2' respectively 'MEPP2' if phone is 7100 and will appear a dialog asking for code. NOTE: You must use the "alt" or "shift" key to enable numbers so example would be: m-e-p-"alt key"-2 Now you should see the place to enter your net unlock code.(if not, you didn't type in mep2 or mepp2 properly.) 
  5. Here you must enter the "NET Unlock Code" (received from Unlockology®).
  6. Your phone is now unlocked.

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